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Vantec Hitachi Transport System (Hong Kong) Ltd. Vantec Hitachi Transport System (Hong Kong) Ltd.



We provide the optimal distribution solutions for our customers’ cost reduction, by utilizing our global inventory control system and with our wealth of over 20 years of experience and modern facilities.

We offer efficient, speedy warehouse services that conform to product characteristics. We also have well prepared security precautions, such as manned guard systems, completed CCTV rooms, access control cards, etc.

Services Include:

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Through the demand planning and inventory forecasting to improve the stock management and visibility to the customer

IT Innovation

Through our internal visibility warehouse management systems to provide a timely and accurate stock status

Temperature Controlled Warehouse

Managing several warehouses with room temperature controlled and 24-hour air-conditioned management within Hong Kong. The temperature-controlled warehouse are capable of across a wide range of industries and regulatory requirements

Consolidation Centre

Through our flexible consolidation services to improve shipping efficiency, planning, and forecasting as part of an improved supply chain

Main Products Handled

  • Home appliance such as refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.
  • Vehicle related parts
  • ATMs (Automatic teller machines) and its attached component
  • Housing related products
  • Electronic parts such as semiconductors
  • A wide variety of textile products
  • Metallic products, such as electric cables and magnets
  • Many other products

Contact Us

To make inquiry about any of our solution services, please refer to the contact us tag.