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Vantec Hitachi Transport System (Hong Kong) Ltd. Vantec Hitachi Transport System (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Personal Information Protection

Our attitude towards personal information protection

The Vantec Hitachi Transport System (Hong Kong) Ltd. (hereinafter called “We”) has worked on the establishment and thoroughness of information management systems to respect the value of information.
Based on this, we have established the rule and management system for personal information protection, have decided on the policy on personal information protection as follows, had it approved by both board members and employees, and are making effort to protect personal information properly by following this policy.

Definition of personal information

In our company, personal information shall refer to information that identifies or possibly identifies a certain individual by combining one or more pieces of information which fall under the following categories, such as name, birthday, age, gender, address, phone number, family structure, interest, preference, e-mail address, place of work, position, work address, work phone number, credit card number, bank account number, each number or letter string that is given to the individual, information on purchased goods, products and services, information of accessed websites, complaints, consultations, inquiries, etc.

* Application range

The contents on our “Personal Information Protection” define our management of personal information that our customer provides to us on this website.

Personal information protection policy

  1. Collection, utilization and provision of personal information In regards to holding customers’ personal information during our business activities, we have established a management system for personal information protection corresponding to each actual service condition and manage it properly complying with the rules of collection, utilization and provision of personal information.
  2. Compliance with laws and rules We comply with laws and other rules that are applied for protection of personal information in our management of personal information. Also, we have established our personal information protection management regulations in a manner that conforms with those laws and rules.
  3. Implementation of safety measures To secure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we make every effort to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and divulgation of personal information by implementing various safety measures, such as access management to personal information, restriction of removing personal information, prevention of external illegal access, etc., in compliance with the rules of information security.
  4. Respect the people’s right to personal information When the person related to personal information request disclosure, correction, deletion, use or rejection of their own information, we respect the right of his own personal information and handle it with sincerity.
  5. Formulation and continuous improvement of personal information protection management regulations We are continuously formulating and implementing personal information protection management regulations to have our board members and employees recognize the significance of personal information protection, so that we can use and protect personal information in an appropriate manner. In addition, we maintain that protection and constantly aim to improve it.

Utilization purposes

  1. We use personal information only within the necessary range in order to achieve the following objectives:
    1. To mail customers brochures about our events and information on new services
    2. To provide customers with follow-up services.
    3. To respond to customers’ inquiries.
    4. To analyze customer satisfaction in order to enhance our services for customers.
    5. To send questionnaires for customers and to analyze them.
    6. To fulfill contracts between us and customers.
  2. None of the personal information shall be provided to a third party unless the customer agrees in advance. However, in the case of any of the following items, we can provide personal information without customers’ advance agreement.
    1. When it is necessary to abide the rules of law
    2. When it is necessary to protect human life, body or property, and it is difficult to acquire the customer’s agreement.
    3. When we need to cooperate with national organizations or persons who were assigned by them to accomplish their duties by law, and acquiring the customer’s agreement could interfere with the accomplishment of their duties.
    4. When we provide personal information to our related businesses and to third parties to which we consign our business activities, etc. within the range that they need to achieve the usage purpose.

Special Instructions

  1. The personal information protection policy on this page can be modified occasionally for the purpose of implementing better personal information protection, as well as revisions of laws and other rules. Please check regularly.
  2. The contents of this page shall be applied immediately after its posting (including updated date).
  3. When particular regulations about personal information protection are written specifically for each content or it is linked directly to individual content, the contents written in this “Personal Information Protection” section shall have priority.

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